Monday, September 28, 2009

Float Session Volume 2

Didn't I say we would do it? All we need is the third installment now and we'll be good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yeah, it's overdue

its been too long, but i guess i've just been too lazy/busy to really do this lately. Okay, time to drop some knowledge.

1. If thiz comes through this weekend, the vol. 2 of the float sessions should occur. If he doesn't come through, we'll be looking for a way to skype record it. if we can't do that, it'll just be an audio float session, which is cool for me.

2. I've become a bit of an alcoholic. Actually, my body just can't handle the same amount that my mind can, so my body has rejected my mind's limit about 5 times already. Not a big deal, but post-rejection my mind loses its hold on everything, so I can black out apparently. Also, I've had exactly 1 hangover. Never again people, never again.

3. There is exactly 1 class (of the 4 I'm taking) that I want to go to. As it turns out, this class is my last class on Friday, so I am the definition of live for the weekend at this point in my life.


5. Check out 95.3 WHRB some time. Starting next year, at some obscure time of the night, I might be DJing, so that will be live when it happens. Yeah, live is a smut (WHRBIC PLUG), deal with it dolphins.

6. 6 tries, 0 kills. I'm slippin. Changes soon though.