Saturday, October 24, 2009


MissInfo was talking about the ultimate drug rap combo.
This is how hood they kept it.
I'll put up a link for the track after I eat breakfast.

Popular Demand (Popeyes)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just So You Know

Ummmm my roommate had surgery so theres a pharmacy chillin in my room right now.
Kardiac Arrest is gonna be pretty piff. Fairly piff. Amazingly Piff. The production alone (although Kardi is fronting a little bit on that ohsotired) is on some 88 Stacey Dash shit. Everybody (except the person who's gonna end up using it) wants that shit like no other. He'll come around though. Float Session Volume 3 was recorded, but idk if it'll ever make it online, so I'll need to talk to Thiz about that. We might just have to rerecord to be honest. Suprise is surprisingly nice (pun intended).

Aside from that, SFC - BMF - BOX - EBG - NOOOOO BITCH (that's for you Syzzle, even though I know you be vchatting with the tie for biggest box on campus).


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Music

Yeah we here chillin with the 'cardi (spelling denotes a difference from the norm) and I felt the need to tell y'all about a couple tracks. I might upload a few of them, but y'all should spend the time it takes to buy them on your own instead of relying on *two thumbs pointed towards chest* this guy.

Onslaught - Slaughterhouse: This track is "le piff". They just go in, marking the change in MC by pulling the beat, and firing off a shot (pullup and likka shot fi dem a change). IMO Joell goes the hardest, but every verse has multiple points in which the track should just be restarted. It currently has less than 5 plays on my itunes, but that's only because I pull it back so often. You should prolly buy the whole Slaughterhouse album actually.

Black Mozart - Raekwon Feat. Bobby Steels & Rollie Fingers (step your moniker game up): Top 3 tracks on OB4CL2 hands down. Gihad and Broken Safety fill out the trifecta for me, but I'm not 100 on which is on top and which has to take the L. Classic album overall, in fact so much so that I only made it through the whole album twice because I restarted it so many times (noticing a trend in my listening yet?). If you haven't bought this album, just know it's the first cd to get me out of my house since....let's not get into that one.

Mona Lisa - Slick Rick the Ruler feat. MC Ricky D: Yes, they are both one in the same person, but this is the great storyteller telling (one of) the great story[ies]. Why I haven't memorized the lyrics yet I'm not sure of, but soon this will change. Hopefully you'll be able to truthfully state the same after reading this.

The Cherry MC (skit): This shit is just funny. Cop Kardiology if you haven't. Honestly, I shouldn't be posting this, because you already know how good Kardiology was. Right?

umm....Still the same man behind the same keys doing the same things until the weekend hits. Wait, that's tomorrow. It's almost that fucking time. O yeah and Kardi's birthday on Saturday, so show him love when the day hits.