Sunday, December 28, 2008

Long Time No See

Hello world. this is a joint post, so just in case you notice the tone changing dramatically, there is a reason.
so i'll start with tonight since everything else is so far away and in such a haze (pun intended). We went out to this jack and jill party shit out in brooklyn, and it was semi-lite. i mean, i (nasty) am not the biggest party person, but i fucked with it. now time for the roll call. twins, rebekah, eric, khalid, bj, other twins, ciardone and crew, our conscious, kyle sykes, and whoever else held it down in there. i also saw brandi and tabia, two people who i have not talked to in a long time. it was nice.

niggas and lines don't mix. especially when there are iron heaters near by. I assumed that jack and jill would have some common sense, but they tried to jam a couple hundred niggas in a couple square feet of space, and expected shit not to get hectic. not a smart decision on their part. Also, whenever you decide to have a coat check, make sure that there is enough room for all the coats and all the people you need to quickly and smoothly get those coats out. old ass mfkask back there takin they sweet time like niggas don't have to get home.


back to live action. this idea got into my head because of some shit i saw on myspace, and it really started to bug me the fuck out when i got down to it.

"No security in the world can keep out roaches."

let that marinate for a second, then realize that wherever there is uncovered food, there are roaches. In the snow bunkers in siberia and in the tropics of hawaii, there are roaches. you cannot escape them, you cannot control them, you cannot keep them away. somebody should make a hitchcock style film about these things, because when everything else dies they will inherit the earth. damn son.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bus Fight

This is pretty old, but still fucking hilarious.

If it was a black school, there wouldn't have been a problem from the jump cuz in black schools, the bus is always rowdy. The bus driver wouldn't stop the bus just because somebody was being loud or not staying completely seated. White people amaze me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Salt Games

Today, at dinner, I was sitting down and a friend of mine asked for the salt. It made its way across the table, and I heard a loud thud. He picked up the salt shaker again, then spun a penny on the table again. As it was still in motion, he (for the second time) slammed the plastic salt shaker on top of the penny. A little salt spilled out, but the bottom was now thoroughly broken. Then, we waited, and this is the video I managed to secure of the incident.

For all that can't see what happened, as he picked up the salt to use on his food, it just flowed out of the bottom. He was fairly upset, and the video continues (unnecessarily) for a time after that. After laughing about that for a while, we started to wonder where the penny went. It took like 5 minutes, and a few sips too many, to realize that it was here:

I feel bad for the guy who drunk all the apple juice before realizing that he was actually drinking a new, but still disgusting penny. He eats box though, so not a big deal for him.

That's life people. Float higher.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

McNigger Lovin

So I'm sure you've seen this commercial.. I hate McDonald's more than I could ever articulate. They might as well give this minstrel a top hat and a suit.. wait a minute..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Ruler's Back

So Thiz, Kardi and I went out to a Slick Rick concert on Friday night. It was fairly crackmilk. It was at this ballroom, and Tight Work Army from SC and the Retro Kids performed before the Ruler made it out on stage. Okay so let's show all the videos and pictures (some have yet to be uploaded to the comp) so people can know what's really hood.

Chinese Food Freestyle 1

Chinese Food Freestyle 2

Slick Rick

the Retro Kids

Okay so that's most of what happened. For the Slick Rick shit, you have to 1. hit up thiz or 2. go to a damn concert. You're wack if you never end up seeing the Ruler in action, 43 and still live.

There was also like 40 minutes of DJ Chaos just going IN. Of course, the Floating section was the livest, although there was one woman there who kept up, and every once in a while have a half of a level over the squad. Still, for the youngest heads in there, we kept up. I went absolutely WILD when he dropped C.R.E.A.M. I'm a big Wu-Tang fan, although clan wasn't in homage to them. I was just sick of "crew" and "squad". After a while, you just want something new in your life.

What else happened . . . 
Thanksgiving has come and gone, and a happy Thanksgiving to all my people out there. I saw two of my three nieces this weekend, and I'll put up a video of the oldest one out of the group. Her name is Aaliyah, and her birthday is February 12th, and I love her to death, although I don't think she really likes me that much.


Yeah, she's a sweetheart, and that toy was for my first Christmas ever, so that's history right there. There are some pictures that I can't really share with the public, but if you know me, I'll let you see if you remember to ask. If you don't know me, get to know me. It could be worth it, although I think that I am fairly uninteresting. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Love New York

I've been back home for a couple days, and until now I haven't really remembered why I love NYC so much. Then, I had a normal day, and it all came back to me. 
The day started a little past noon, when I was able to witness a new phenomenon in my house. Apparently, my cat and my mother have had an ongoing feud as to who is the queen of the household. My mother and cat love each other dearly, but also attack each other frequently. This is what happens when my cat and my mother decide to brawl on the staircase.

Then I went grocery shopping, returned, and spent the afternoon with my brother. We went to check and see if he could get a quick hack in chinatown for his psp, and we went to this arcade and watched Street Fighter 4 get played. Akuma is NICE son. Shouts to that Asian in the suit who was just WHOOPING ASS for so long. You're nice fam. You are nice. We also saw this:

Ummm....we went back uptown, and on the train instead of matching kicks I saw a woman with a bowl cut 
and it balded all around, but the hair was died blonde, and she was greying, so the bald part was growing in with streaks and it was weird as fuck. I was shocked to see it, but that's just NYC.

I also saw Paul Mooney in the Starbucks near my crib. THAT'S REAL.

Step your Float up people.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Day For SFC

After years and years of grinding, a huge milestone in the SFC saga: Our very own Kardi is on page one of a google search of his name.

After painstaking struggles with Kardinal Official and all the random Arabic websites that dominated page one, and having to add some diminishing suffix of "lite" or "bronx" to get any immediate Kardi results, the day has come where simply scrolling down (albiet to the last link) will bring you to all that South Bronx born, head bobbin (pause) speaker blastin Kardi certified crackmilk.

Become a fan on facebook, lames!!! Mixtape coming soon.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wasted No Time

On the way back to my house last night, I saw a couple literally wearing the same pair of sneakers. I had to take a picture, so this is what you all get. I'm so ashamed of his soft body actions, especially since she was actually rocking them harder than he was. Quick guess: Which pair belongs to the male, which to the female? Answer: Since he's so soft, they both belong to the female. He also had a lip ring.

That's Friend A, who kept assuring us that she was, indeed, herself. She also showed quite a bit of resentment toward a friend of hers for not allowing her to float as much as she would have liked. I like her out of school quite a bit, not to say that i don't like her in school.

As I was walking to meet them, I saw and recorded the craziest paint job on a car I have ever seen. It was really weird stuff, and it reminded me of those crack is wack murals kinda, but my camera sucks so the car is all dark and i kinda rushed since i had people to be meeting, so this is a very raw version.

So yeah, I went out there, went to NYU, and chilled in a room with 6 girls, all of whom were a little like me at the time. It was a nice moment, although I made the conscious decision to not make moves on floated freshmen in college, although it wouldn't have been too hard seeing as I was the only guy there. The only one, for serious. Yeah, we talked, Friend B and I made sure that Friend A got in the cab, and I'm pretty sure everything is okay right now.

Oh yeah, I have another video of friend A just going on and on. Terrible vid, cuz I was multitasking at the moment it was being made, and there are other pics/vids to document the night for us all. I remember it all, but I'll bet a few of the people I was with didn't. This is yet another bad video from a floater's night out.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Late Float...

Wattup y'all, it's Thiz!

Late night.. early night for my standards..

Two things send me floating: A Tribe Called Quest and graffiti... So I'm bringing em both to you all..

One of the best moments in graff history in my book.. Skeme TNT's "Crime in the City" wholecar.. Literally changed my perspective on life when I saw it/saw this clip from "Style Wars"...

One of the best moments in hip-hop history in my book.. The opening of "The Low End Theory" entitled Excursions...

"We gotta make moves, never ever ever do we fake moves.." -Q-Tip, clearly a floater.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick Float

Yeah. Today was an alright day I guess. A little while ago, me and some people were in the PACC [comp center] bored as fuck since nobody has any real class tomorrow, and people started doing what they do. No provocation, no nothing, just acting like fools, as per the usual. I have a video of it for those who need to see something to make today a little bit better, although I doubt that many of you will enjoy this as much as we did.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sharpie Action

Floating late one night.. Inspired by a DJ Premier beat, the album booklet for M.I.A's "Kala", hunger, and procrastination..

[another Thiz freestyle real quick since the music has been scarce these past couple posts]

Union Square

Wattup y'all, it's Thiz!

The Clan was floating sometime this past summer in Union Square (Shouts to H. Dunn and the Octagon). We were all seriously airborne, so we figured there was nothing better to do on a floating summer night than to get lite (for those not up on it, youtube "dcole"). We hit the Square, and there were mad heads floating there already..

A crew of breakdancing Asians, some European chicks visiting the city, some hipsters, some skaters, some posers, some Free Huggers, some cops, some other dudes gettin lite, and a DJ running his speaker system off of a generator on wheels.

The Clan got the circle together and started the handclap. The DJ picked up on the vibe we were trying to start and started playing straight dance music. We were trying to get the other dudes gettin lite to battle us, but they punked out. We were going so hard that we began to gather a small crowd around us, and once the DJ cranked up his music, and the cops didn't make him turn it down, we knew that we had started a full fledged party in Union Square. Like true floaters do.

The European chicks were a little timid at first, but eventually caught on to the vibe and started floating with us. Once the DJ dropped the Electric Slide, we had a crowd of about 15-20 people with their heads and hearts in the clouds and their wrists briskly slapping towards the ground (one wife pulled her husband towards the crowd and forced him to Electric Slide with her, obviously reminiscing on floating moments they had together in the past).

As a huge game of soccer broke out alongside a nearby jump rope competition, all amongst people who were strangers to each other an hour prior. The Clan met Doofington from Brooklyn. Doofington's name was a hybrid of the words "Doofie" and "Piffington". "Doof because I'm like, big and I'm kinda doofie. -ington because you know, I got that piffington." He was clearly floating.

There was some pizza, some girl on girl action, and a couple freestyles, that I feel it necessary to share with you all.

The night came to a close and we headed back to the Octagon to finish watching the Olympics. Michael Phelps had just floated to his 8th gold medal, and we were all amped.

When you float, you can have nights like these. Start parties wherever you go.


You Don't Want That

[Click Image to View Full Size]
Me, Sykes, and Lemmons were Floating in my room on a Saturday night once, just chilling. Sykes was drinking his gatorade, Lemmons was eating his mike and ikes, and I was watching my anime. This was the good life.

Then, in the corner by himself, Sykes started laughing uncontrollably. Lemmons and I were confused, and wondered what was happening, but laughter is contagious. After a while, Sykes finally got up, and started to tell story, mainly to me.

"Yo son....I was this in my head right.....And imagine......if me.....and you....was to just....smackthisniggaJordan'sMikeandIkeslikeCH-BLOW!!!!!"

And in the instant he finished his sentence, he put all of his speed into swinging his hand upwards and knocking the FUCK out of Jordan's Mike and Ikes. The box flew up and started rotating, so that mike and ikes literally flew all over my room. We then all proceeded to DIE laughing at what had just occured, to the point where Jordan had to leave the room because he was gonna piss in my bed, which would not have been a good look. This makes us all laugh to this day. So, I felt the need to share that moment (in part) with all of you.

I don't feel like going through the archives for music right now, so I'll share another floating moment with the bums right now. This is me, Joris, John, Yuuki, and the Legendary King Hiro (the one with the hat on) dancing to "Asagohan". Yes it's really gay, but it's a floating moment.

Floating's fun people. You should try it too.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Classroom Floating

[Click Image to View Full Size]
This is me during a not so average day at Phillips Academy. Sometimes I wonder if I should even be in school, but since I'm not failing out yet, I guess I'll stay. I know Milton and Middlesex feel my pain, although they may not float like I float. Tell me if you've ever had this feeling during a test too, so maybe I won't be so lonely in the clouds.

And you might need some music right now too. I'm still in the archives for now, but I'll drop some new stuff for you once I start plugging back in to the music scene. Post December look for that new Kardi, cuz the streets need more. We will now be one of the OFFICIAL Kardi drop spots, so understand that we will have those exclusives that NOBODY else will have.

Broken Equipment (Kanye and Lil Wayne parody) FUNNY AS HELL!!

Hello World

When you wake up in the morning, and for some reason you're still smiling from last night's adventures. Or when you remember those moments that made you laugh uncontrollably, and hours, days, months later you still get the same joy. When your whole body starts feeling better, and the moment becomes more important than anything else. You blink, and suddenly how you got there doesn't matter, but the fact that you are there makes all the difference in the world. When worries disappear, and your greatest fear is forgetting how to breathe because the jokes are just too strong. When you stop paying attention to everything around you, and run into your own little world, full of all the pleasures in life. When everything is important, because nothing could possibly go wrong.
That's floating. That's the world I want to take you to, so share a few floating moments with me.

Since this is the first time around, I guess I should give something away. This is some pretty old stuff, but if you don't have it, this should help out. If you do have it, this should remind you to put it on rotation for a little while.