Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kardi: The Lost Tapes

This is a bunch of material that we put together in the OGC days. The kardi verses are all official, and you get shootout from MZ Chronicles, so it's an overall great tape. Download is a must

Kardi: The Lost Tapes

Saturday, October 24, 2009


MissInfo was talking about the ultimate drug rap combo.
This is how hood they kept it.
I'll put up a link for the track after I eat breakfast.

Popular Demand (Popeyes)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just So You Know

Ummmm my roommate had surgery so theres a pharmacy chillin in my room right now.
Kardiac Arrest is gonna be pretty piff. Fairly piff. Amazingly Piff. The production alone (although Kardi is fronting a little bit on that ohsotired) is on some 88 Stacey Dash shit. Everybody (except the person who's gonna end up using it) wants that shit like no other. He'll come around though. Float Session Volume 3 was recorded, but idk if it'll ever make it online, so I'll need to talk to Thiz about that. We might just have to rerecord to be honest. Suprise is surprisingly nice (pun intended).

Aside from that, SFC - BMF - BOX - EBG - NOOOOO BITCH (that's for you Syzzle, even though I know you be vchatting with the tie for biggest box on campus).


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Music

Yeah we here chillin with the 'cardi (spelling denotes a difference from the norm) and I felt the need to tell y'all about a couple tracks. I might upload a few of them, but y'all should spend the time it takes to buy them on your own instead of relying on *two thumbs pointed towards chest* this guy.

Onslaught - Slaughterhouse: This track is "le piff". They just go in, marking the change in MC by pulling the beat, and firing off a shot (pullup and likka shot fi dem a change). IMO Joell goes the hardest, but every verse has multiple points in which the track should just be restarted. It currently has less than 5 plays on my itunes, but that's only because I pull it back so often. You should prolly buy the whole Slaughterhouse album actually.

Black Mozart - Raekwon Feat. Bobby Steels & Rollie Fingers (step your moniker game up): Top 3 tracks on OB4CL2 hands down. Gihad and Broken Safety fill out the trifecta for me, but I'm not 100 on which is on top and which has to take the L. Classic album overall, in fact so much so that I only made it through the whole album twice because I restarted it so many times (noticing a trend in my listening yet?). If you haven't bought this album, just know it's the first cd to get me out of my house since....let's not get into that one.

Mona Lisa - Slick Rick the Ruler feat. MC Ricky D: Yes, they are both one in the same person, but this is the great storyteller telling (one of) the great story[ies]. Why I haven't memorized the lyrics yet I'm not sure of, but soon this will change. Hopefully you'll be able to truthfully state the same after reading this.

The Cherry MC (skit): This shit is just funny. Cop Kardiology if you haven't. Honestly, I shouldn't be posting this, because you already know how good Kardiology was. Right?

umm....Still the same man behind the same keys doing the same things until the weekend hits. Wait, that's tomorrow. It's almost that fucking time. O yeah and Kardi's birthday on Saturday, so show him love when the day hits.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Float Session Volume 2

Didn't I say we would do it? All we need is the third installment now and we'll be good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yeah, it's overdue

its been too long, but i guess i've just been too lazy/busy to really do this lately. Okay, time to drop some knowledge.

1. If thiz comes through this weekend, the vol. 2 of the float sessions should occur. If he doesn't come through, we'll be looking for a way to skype record it. if we can't do that, it'll just be an audio float session, which is cool for me.

2. I've become a bit of an alcoholic. Actually, my body just can't handle the same amount that my mind can, so my body has rejected my mind's limit about 5 times already. Not a big deal, but post-rejection my mind loses its hold on everything, so I can black out apparently. Also, I've had exactly 1 hangover. Never again people, never again.

3. There is exactly 1 class (of the 4 I'm taking) that I want to go to. As it turns out, this class is my last class on Friday, so I am the definition of live for the weekend at this point in my life.


5. Check out 95.3 WHRB some time. Starting next year, at some obscure time of the night, I might be DJing, so that will be live when it happens. Yeah, live is a smut (WHRBIC PLUG), deal with it dolphins.

6. 6 tries, 0 kills. I'm slippin. Changes soon though.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Going Home

I was recently in South Africa. Actually, I've been home for about 26 hours now. Crazy stuff out there. Right now, I'll tell one light story so that people can get an idea of what life was like.

I was with a student of my father, and we went out to a birthday party. From there, we went to a Jamaican bar called "Cool Runnings". Reggae, beer, daka [guess what that is], and chicken with spicy sauce. I got pretty drunk and had a couple of great conversations, including with a man who had lived in Britain for the vast majority of his life, but was originally from South Africa. 

I stayed in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Beautiful country.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

yung berg [no caps]

it was almost a good year for yung berg. the third quarter, still time to drop a party track, people stopped talking about his chain (at least not on a daily basis anymore)... he may have had a chance. but no, imma be a smart nigga and hit a woman after watching chris brown go from 106 and park star to youtubing with a bunch of twelve year olds and getting blackballed off stage by jay-z. damn shame berg, you done fucked up. top 5 worst at planning careers, in no particular order, 1. yung berg, 2. the game (he could have made some money), 3. jim jones (why would you think ballin could make you into a superstar when even money didnt? and why lie about talking to cam?), 4. cannibus (hes nice as hell, but he was just unlucky i guess...), 5. the lox (should have gotten that money straight from the jump. classic thievery from corporate america [read: diddy].

see here

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ganja Queen

I just finished watching this documentary I started over a year ago (I kid you not. HBO on demand has changed my life.), and it was rather harrowing. A young woman, Schappelle, is found in Bali with 4.2 Kilograms of marijuana, apparently high grade though there was no DNA nor purity testing, and it has since been burned. This leads to a trial, in which she is informed that the maximum penalty for trafficking in this amount is death by firing squad. I suggest you watch the documentary now if you haven't already, and a further warning, I have spoilers.

First off, wow to the psychic. Can't believe it. Don't you just love seeing an outcome after some outlandish prediction? It makes me feel good either way, because they win, they're amazing, they lose, everyone looks stupid.

Also, I think the little brother looks like a pothead, and the one with a record looks like a psycho. I think it's those two, especially since the brother went back to Australia so quickly. Wonder how you all would feel in a Balinese prison.

Wow son. wow.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Float Sessions Vol. 1

This is what we do people. Vol. 2 coming soon.

Friday, July 3, 2009

2pac the Notorious B.I.G

"i'd rather beat my dick than trick//and if she don't suck then we don't fuck"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stop Snitchin' [edit]

A little over a week overdue (with as many blunts as matches in one of those free books they give out being cited as the likely delay), I bring you snippets of life. A lot of these stories cannot be written, but must be told person to person. Therefore, I will only be able to share a few things with you all.

There was the senior prank, where we put up a shitload of red cups in the ryley [den] patio. We spelled 2009 in red and just filled up a bunch of space with white afterwards. A kid at my school who is a very good photographer...hmmm I wonder if he lives/will be in NY for the Kardiology shoot...has the best pictures but I will show you all a very amateur video.

There was also an epic bonfire in which we bribed authority with s'mores, and as a result stayed out for a pretty cool session til about 1. As I was moving out, that teacher and my father had a brief conversation in Swahili (my dad had been to Kenya, his home country). But yeah Moses played guitar and my boy sang and it was much more fun than it should have been. Good night.

There was also the ignorance.

She's lovely isn't she?

Felt that it was necessary to say that one time.

Umm there's also this donut place that makes donuts so good you'll want to go at 1 in the morning just to get some. I'm telling you, had I known when my mother suggested it, I would have gone with her without hesitation. Great fucking donuts.

Aside from that, I'm looking for work/prolly gonna end up a volunteer hand since paid work is hard to come by.

I'll be back one day. Kardiology might leak once but I'm hoping not. If this other place drips, I have to put it up one time just because it'd be rude not to.

ps. I graduated. '09.

pps. (Bluggaman Style)

there was this night

Throw up the ones.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Interim [edit]

Taking longer than previously expected due to family, resume writing, and too much honey smoke in my room. Should be done in the next few days.


It's been a long while, I know I know. Very soon, I plan on giving an update as to what life is like. Minor details now, graduation happened, grad parties will ensue, some dorm shit popped off, and general living. you'll see by saturday hopefully though.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just finished the Kardi interview. All I have for now is a DL version, but I'm looking into a streamable version soon. Those megabytes are precious, as I have recently come to find out, so anything less than an attempt would be disrespectful.

Kardi Interview w/DJ KardiSmack


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Hate Prep School [edit]

Just listen.

Kardi - I Hate Prep School

The details are nowhere near completed. Actually, it's all more or less just an idea right now, but the single above will be appearing on the mixtape "Kardiology". To commemorate the release, and as a general celebration of this great MC, we will be having a release party. Tentatively, this summer in Brooklyn. Cover charge TBD and a b.y.o.b policy. Provided should (hopefully) be: 1. Mixtape 2. non-alcholoic drinks 3. Snacks 4. Music 5. Canvas & Markers (for all graffiti artists to show off)

All still tentative, but should be VERY live when (read: if) it does happen.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Even though it still isn't finished (needs more accurate timing, remastering, and for me to chop up Pretty Toney among other things), I thought why not let go of it. Another failed attempt, though I'm starting to understand why variation is a great thing.

Mostly Smooth [updated]

I figure the world deserves more though right? What can I be sure isn't in your library already? I know. The first of the mixtape (Kardiology Coming Soon) teasers.

Transit - Thiz

And if you hadn't already noticed, Rashard Lewis looks like T.I with a goatee.

More congratulations to Kardi.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Big Day

Though I (DJ KardiSmack) was unable to attend due to circumstance, today was the day that Kardi aka Young Bubbles opened for artist Wale at Milton Academy.


The concert was a success, and the very second I get the footage, I will not post, but watch it. Then, after the third or fourth viewing, consecutively of course, it will make its way online. My God am I proud of my brother/partner in crime/fellow floater.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Vacation From Ourselves

Thiz here

So I'm throwing a concert at my school featuring Wale, (with Kardi opening obviously), and I've been bumping the "Mixtape About Nothing" joint he dropped with 10.deep a while ago... There's a track that really has me floating..

"The Vacation From Ourselves" (I wish I had a zshare link for yall, but I don't)

Dope track right? And seems like a good ass idea. Fuck a Nassau, just leave yourself for a couple days. And you would think it'd be easy enough.. but it's proving pretty difficult.

My goal for the Spring is to take a vacation from myself. To take everything that is normal and routine and mundane about me, and stop giving a fuck about all of it. Just for like 3 or 4 days. 4 days, 4 nights. Word.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better Late

Though on time is always a good thing. This is some stuff that is recent, but not recent enough for it to be "breaking". Where to begin...
Now I know.

This is a "Blue Key Head" audition. I feel like this person was cheated, but it wasn't my decision. Takes more to do this in front of a large group of people than I have.

Then there was awkward.

New friend, new awkward moment. Though you can't really tell, she walks up to a girl that she has previously never spoken to, then asks for a hug. Boredom at its finest, but hilarious. You should try it some time.

Now something that I don't think I've put up yet, but if I have it needs to be put up again either way.

Off the top of the head. Again, poor audio, but if you manage to hear it, worth the time. This is what happens when you cypher, then you cypher. Kardi needs to start going in again, because he kinda got did dirty with the pass it but I'm not line. Shameful... though Kardi would prolly eat Thiz in a battle. Too bad he doesn't battle anymore.

Look at this though:

Young Bubbles aka Kardi the Bakerman aka Smack and Get Played aka the Overweight Lover aka KardiCrack b[etter]ka the Best MC under 18

I'm considering doing another music drop right now. Maybe you all need something. The question is do I have anything to hand over. I'll toss you something light for now, since I don't feel like getting too heavy.

DJ KardiSmack - Preview

I'll post the full one when it's done, but that won't be for a while since Butter by A Tribe Called Quest is impossible to cut up for some reason.
Until next we float.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I couldn't help myself.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my first reader

Today, I was told by a certain someone that they read my entire blog in one night. That isn't much of an accomplishment seeing as I don't write too much, but still I'm happy that said person took the time not only to read, but to mention it to me. This came after having ran into me, ending a long period of time in which we hadn't spoken/seen each other, so the fact that ARW took the time to do this is kind of a big deal. I have a fan, although this person isn't actually a fan, just a friend who wanted to procrastinate for a while, and ended up in this place. Time to blow up governments (I'll just blow up the judicial, the executive and legislative might be a little too personal for the internet/all the other people who read this....haha):

A. Ryder W.


Oh yeah, I have a new moniker now, DJ KardiSmack (KRDSMK)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Lately

Hey young world. I know, it's been a while since I've dropped knowledge but life has been hectic out here on these streets (see Paid in Full), so now that I have a couple stories to tell, I might as well hit you all up.

We just had a long weekend out here at school, so as you know, we've been going fairly hard. I personally have kept it pretty low key, and my one instance of bugging out almost made myheart beat out of my chest, so I'm waiting 'til it's all out of my system before I show you who the iron lung is. But, for us the weekend starts on Friday, during class.

That's Ju Ju singing to our Spanish teacher since someone bought him a valentine's day song. really homo, but the illest way to waste time on a Friday Spanish class that no one wants to be out, even though we all love Sr. Cuchillero.

A while back, there was this percussionist lady named Evelyn Glennie who came to our school and performed. This is a snippet from what little I could sit through.

She's deaf. I'm not joking.

Then the weekend came. We played lots of Rock Band and some CoD4 (pointman gets it in), and there was a little lovefest in Vinny's bed. This is the latter half of what happened, but the real pwnage was the 60+ seconds preceding my recording. We were too busy laughing for me to think to pull out the phone, but some of the penetration still exists.

Yeah, living in a dorm will all guys gets a little homosexual, but it's all out of love....and entertainment.

On a slightly less funny note, Rock Band sent us a message when we tried to name our band "Deez Nutz". Apparently, the name isn't "classy", therefore any online play would have to be preceded by a name change, or else there would be no online play.
What's wrong with Deez Nutz?

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have personally been waiting for waaaaay too long for this, but as per the usual Cam'ron delivers with that CRACKMILK.

Cam'ron - I Hate My Job

Learn something.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Through the Grapevine...

I've heard a quite wild quote from "that hatin' ignant nigga Kanye" (as stated by Xebo). 

"I don't really like facts. They get in the way of my opinions." 

My brother pllayed with Mos Def who released that bombshell up there which was said on a plane. Mighty Mos was at a loss for a response. How do you respond to something like that?

What would you say had you been Mos Def?

Monday, January 19, 2009


So it was the weekend, I was on restriction, and nothing was really happening on campus anyway so some of us decided to get that Rock Band 2 on. We don't have all the equipment in the dorm quite yet, so we decided to just go hard and perform to songs. Unfortunately, I 1. didn't know the song at all and 2. don't know how to perform guitar tricks. Hilarity ensues at my epic fail a little bit into the video, and after that it's kinda pointless. Still, hilarious.

Jack also performed, and did much better than I, so if you want to see a fairly good amateur performance, look at this video:

Then, of course, there is a professional performance, which we saw on tv well after we decided to perform for ourselves. This kinda shits on us, but still I think we did pretty well for ourselves. Watch this:

This wasn't the version that was on tv, but I mean if this one is available, why put on the other one?
I'd beat.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Kardi

I know, I know, I'm very late on posting this. For those of you who don't know, Kardi is the nicest MC out right now. This is some shit of his that you might need to listen to. When I say that, I mean DL the track below, put your headphones on, and learn something about hip-hop.

Kardi - Jumping Out the Window Freestyle

Yeah, he's that nice.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Senior Hour

This was after "Hot Like Fire" performed. We're at school, bored, so we play music and act like fools to keep ourselves entertained. Thank goodness this time I was alert enough to be able to witness this event, although it wasn't quite as good as the original I've heard. Just peep game.

This is how we float.

There is also an EXCLUSIVE video of part of that new Kardi Freestyle.
This is SUPEREXCLUSIVE people. youtube doesn't even have this yet.

I wish I could have gotten the whole thing on tape, but here is the audio for all 0 of my readers.

Kardi - Let the Beat Build Freestyle