Friday, December 5, 2008

Salt Games

Today, at dinner, I was sitting down and a friend of mine asked for the salt. It made its way across the table, and I heard a loud thud. He picked up the salt shaker again, then spun a penny on the table again. As it was still in motion, he (for the second time) slammed the plastic salt shaker on top of the penny. A little salt spilled out, but the bottom was now thoroughly broken. Then, we waited, and this is the video I managed to secure of the incident.

For all that can't see what happened, as he picked up the salt to use on his food, it just flowed out of the bottom. He was fairly upset, and the video continues (unnecessarily) for a time after that. After laughing about that for a while, we started to wonder where the penny went. It took like 5 minutes, and a few sips too many, to realize that it was here:

I feel bad for the guy who drunk all the apple juice before realizing that he was actually drinking a new, but still disgusting penny. He eats box though, so not a big deal for him.

That's life people. Float higher.

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