Monday, January 19, 2009


So it was the weekend, I was on restriction, and nothing was really happening on campus anyway so some of us decided to get that Rock Band 2 on. We don't have all the equipment in the dorm quite yet, so we decided to just go hard and perform to songs. Unfortunately, I 1. didn't know the song at all and 2. don't know how to perform guitar tricks. Hilarity ensues at my epic fail a little bit into the video, and after that it's kinda pointless. Still, hilarious.

Jack also performed, and did much better than I, so if you want to see a fairly good amateur performance, look at this video:

Then, of course, there is a professional performance, which we saw on tv well after we decided to perform for ourselves. This kinda shits on us, but still I think we did pretty well for ourselves. Watch this:

This wasn't the version that was on tv, but I mean if this one is available, why put on the other one?
I'd beat.

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