Saturday, May 2, 2009

Better Late

Though on time is always a good thing. This is some stuff that is recent, but not recent enough for it to be "breaking". Where to begin...
Now I know.

This is a "Blue Key Head" audition. I feel like this person was cheated, but it wasn't my decision. Takes more to do this in front of a large group of people than I have.

Then there was awkward.

New friend, new awkward moment. Though you can't really tell, she walks up to a girl that she has previously never spoken to, then asks for a hug. Boredom at its finest, but hilarious. You should try it some time.

Now something that I don't think I've put up yet, but if I have it needs to be put up again either way.

Off the top of the head. Again, poor audio, but if you manage to hear it, worth the time. This is what happens when you cypher, then you cypher. Kardi needs to start going in again, because he kinda got did dirty with the pass it but I'm not line. Shameful... though Kardi would prolly eat Thiz in a battle. Too bad he doesn't battle anymore.

Look at this though:

Young Bubbles aka Kardi the Bakerman aka Smack and Get Played aka the Overweight Lover aka KardiCrack b[etter]ka the Best MC under 18

I'm considering doing another music drop right now. Maybe you all need something. The question is do I have anything to hand over. I'll toss you something light for now, since I don't feel like getting too heavy.

DJ KardiSmack - Preview

I'll post the full one when it's done, but that won't be for a while since Butter by A Tribe Called Quest is impossible to cut up for some reason.
Until next we float.

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