Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just So You Know

Ummmm my roommate had surgery so theres a pharmacy chillin in my room right now.
Kardiac Arrest is gonna be pretty piff. Fairly piff. Amazingly Piff. The production alone (although Kardi is fronting a little bit on that ohsotired) is on some 88 Stacey Dash shit. Everybody (except the person who's gonna end up using it) wants that shit like no other. He'll come around though. Float Session Volume 3 was recorded, but idk if it'll ever make it online, so I'll need to talk to Thiz about that. We might just have to rerecord to be honest. Suprise is surprisingly nice (pun intended).

Aside from that, SFC - BMF - BOX - EBG - NOOOOO BITCH (that's for you Syzzle, even though I know you be vchatting with the tie for biggest box on campus).


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