Monday, July 20, 2009

Ganja Queen

I just finished watching this documentary I started over a year ago (I kid you not. HBO on demand has changed my life.), and it was rather harrowing. A young woman, Schappelle, is found in Bali with 4.2 Kilograms of marijuana, apparently high grade though there was no DNA nor purity testing, and it has since been burned. This leads to a trial, in which she is informed that the maximum penalty for trafficking in this amount is death by firing squad. I suggest you watch the documentary now if you haven't already, and a further warning, I have spoilers.

First off, wow to the psychic. Can't believe it. Don't you just love seeing an outcome after some outlandish prediction? It makes me feel good either way, because they win, they're amazing, they lose, everyone looks stupid.

Also, I think the little brother looks like a pothead, and the one with a record looks like a psycho. I think it's those two, especially since the brother went back to Australia so quickly. Wonder how you all would feel in a Balinese prison.

Wow son. wow.

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