Wednesday, July 22, 2009

yung berg [no caps]

it was almost a good year for yung berg. the third quarter, still time to drop a party track, people stopped talking about his chain (at least not on a daily basis anymore)... he may have had a chance. but no, imma be a smart nigga and hit a woman after watching chris brown go from 106 and park star to youtubing with a bunch of twelve year olds and getting blackballed off stage by jay-z. damn shame berg, you done fucked up. top 5 worst at planning careers, in no particular order, 1. yung berg, 2. the game (he could have made some money), 3. jim jones (why would you think ballin could make you into a superstar when even money didnt? and why lie about talking to cam?), 4. cannibus (hes nice as hell, but he was just unlucky i guess...), 5. the lox (should have gotten that money straight from the jump. classic thievery from corporate america [read: diddy].

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