Sunday, November 16, 2008

Classroom Floating

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This is me during a not so average day at Phillips Academy. Sometimes I wonder if I should even be in school, but since I'm not failing out yet, I guess I'll stay. I know Milton and Middlesex feel my pain, although they may not float like I float. Tell me if you've ever had this feeling during a test too, so maybe I won't be so lonely in the clouds.

And you might need some music right now too. I'm still in the archives for now, but I'll drop some new stuff for you once I start plugging back in to the music scene. Post December look for that new Kardi, cuz the streets need more. We will now be one of the OFFICIAL Kardi drop spots, so understand that we will have those exclusives that NOBODY else will have.

Broken Equipment (Kanye and Lil Wayne parody) FUNNY AS HELL!!

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