Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wasted No Time

On the way back to my house last night, I saw a couple literally wearing the same pair of sneakers. I had to take a picture, so this is what you all get. I'm so ashamed of his soft body actions, especially since she was actually rocking them harder than he was. Quick guess: Which pair belongs to the male, which to the female? Answer: Since he's so soft, they both belong to the female. He also had a lip ring.

That's Friend A, who kept assuring us that she was, indeed, herself. She also showed quite a bit of resentment toward a friend of hers for not allowing her to float as much as she would have liked. I like her out of school quite a bit, not to say that i don't like her in school.

As I was walking to meet them, I saw and recorded the craziest paint job on a car I have ever seen. It was really weird stuff, and it reminded me of those crack is wack murals kinda, but my camera sucks so the car is all dark and i kinda rushed since i had people to be meeting, so this is a very raw version.

So yeah, I went out there, went to NYU, and chilled in a room with 6 girls, all of whom were a little like me at the time. It was a nice moment, although I made the conscious decision to not make moves on floated freshmen in college, although it wouldn't have been too hard seeing as I was the only guy there. The only one, for serious. Yeah, we talked, Friend B and I made sure that Friend A got in the cab, and I'm pretty sure everything is okay right now.

Oh yeah, I have another video of friend A just going on and on. Terrible vid, cuz I was multitasking at the moment it was being made, and there are other pics/vids to document the night for us all. I remember it all, but I'll bet a few of the people I was with didn't. This is yet another bad video from a floater's night out.

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th!z said...

HAHA wing niggas.. she probably holds doors open for him.