Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Ruler's Back

So Thiz, Kardi and I went out to a Slick Rick concert on Friday night. It was fairly crackmilk. It was at this ballroom, and Tight Work Army from SC and the Retro Kids performed before the Ruler made it out on stage. Okay so let's show all the videos and pictures (some have yet to be uploaded to the comp) so people can know what's really hood.

Chinese Food Freestyle 1

Chinese Food Freestyle 2

Slick Rick

the Retro Kids

Okay so that's most of what happened. For the Slick Rick shit, you have to 1. hit up thiz or 2. go to a damn concert. You're wack if you never end up seeing the Ruler in action, 43 and still live.

There was also like 40 minutes of DJ Chaos just going IN. Of course, the Floating section was the livest, although there was one woman there who kept up, and every once in a while have a half of a level over the squad. Still, for the youngest heads in there, we kept up. I went absolutely WILD when he dropped C.R.E.A.M. I'm a big Wu-Tang fan, although clan wasn't in homage to them. I was just sick of "crew" and "squad". After a while, you just want something new in your life.

What else happened . . . 
Thanksgiving has come and gone, and a happy Thanksgiving to all my people out there. I saw two of my three nieces this weekend, and I'll put up a video of the oldest one out of the group. Her name is Aaliyah, and her birthday is February 12th, and I love her to death, although I don't think she really likes me that much.


Yeah, she's a sweetheart, and that toy was for my first Christmas ever, so that's history right there. There are some pictures that I can't really share with the public, but if you know me, I'll let you see if you remember to ask. If you don't know me, get to know me. It could be worth it, although I think that I am fairly uninteresting. 

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