Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Union Square

Wattup y'all, it's Thiz!

The Clan was floating sometime this past summer in Union Square (Shouts to H. Dunn and the Octagon). We were all seriously airborne, so we figured there was nothing better to do on a floating summer night than to get lite (for those not up on it, youtube "dcole"). We hit the Square, and there were mad heads floating there already..

A crew of breakdancing Asians, some European chicks visiting the city, some hipsters, some skaters, some posers, some Free Huggers, some cops, some other dudes gettin lite, and a DJ running his speaker system off of a generator on wheels.

The Clan got the circle together and started the handclap. The DJ picked up on the vibe we were trying to start and started playing straight dance music. We were trying to get the other dudes gettin lite to battle us, but they punked out. We were going so hard that we began to gather a small crowd around us, and once the DJ cranked up his music, and the cops didn't make him turn it down, we knew that we had started a full fledged party in Union Square. Like true floaters do.

The European chicks were a little timid at first, but eventually caught on to the vibe and started floating with us. Once the DJ dropped the Electric Slide, we had a crowd of about 15-20 people with their heads and hearts in the clouds and their wrists briskly slapping towards the ground (one wife pulled her husband towards the crowd and forced him to Electric Slide with her, obviously reminiscing on floating moments they had together in the past).

As a huge game of soccer broke out alongside a nearby jump rope competition, all amongst people who were strangers to each other an hour prior. The Clan met Doofington from Brooklyn. Doofington's name was a hybrid of the words "Doofie" and "Piffington". "Doof because I'm like, big and I'm kinda doofie. -ington because you know, I got that piffington." He was clearly floating.

There was some pizza, some girl on girl action, and a couple freestyles, that I feel it necessary to share with you all.

The night came to a close and we headed back to the Octagon to finish watching the Olympics. Michael Phelps had just floated to his 8th gold medal, and we were all amped.

When you float, you can have nights like these. Start parties wherever you go.


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