Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Don't Want That

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Me, Sykes, and Lemmons were Floating in my room on a Saturday night once, just chilling. Sykes was drinking his gatorade, Lemmons was eating his mike and ikes, and I was watching my anime. This was the good life.

Then, in the corner by himself, Sykes started laughing uncontrollably. Lemmons and I were confused, and wondered what was happening, but laughter is contagious. After a while, Sykes finally got up, and started to tell story, mainly to me.

"Yo son....I was just...like....watching this movie....like in my head right.....And imagine......if me.....and you....was to just....smackthisniggaJordan'sMikeandIkeslikeCH-BLOW!!!!!"

And in the instant he finished his sentence, he put all of his speed into swinging his hand upwards and knocking the FUCK out of Jordan's Mike and Ikes. The box flew up and started rotating, so that mike and ikes literally flew all over my room. We then all proceeded to DIE laughing at what had just occured, to the point where Jordan had to leave the room because he was gonna piss in my bed, which would not have been a good look. This makes us all laugh to this day. So, I felt the need to share that moment (in part) with all of you.

I don't feel like going through the archives for music right now, so I'll share another floating moment with the bums right now. This is me, Joris, John, Yuuki, and the Legendary King Hiro (the one with the hat on) dancing to "Asagohan". Yes it's really gay, but it's a floating moment.

Floating's fun people. You should try it too.

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